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Hello Everyone

2011-07-08 22:28:57 by wiiman00

I'm new to this site, well not new but i think you know what I mean but well anyways i hope to keep track of my animations and upload them, I tend to not finish anything I work on so anyways I hope this community is better than sliced bread. ^.^


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2011-07-08 22:42:31

if by sliced bread you mean full of know it all ass holes trolls and people whos all caps are stuck to the bottom of the key board not to mention people with the athorty to block your shit for saying fuck and you can't do shit, and lets not for get about the naiz's on here i think i have a post about them lots of em' but if you make a few good flashes they will kiss ur ass and orgasium when you say "er.. thanks there buddie boy???" all considered it's a lot like slice bread just something you can't esacape and often need espealy if you need to make aq samwich or post a flash

wiiman00 responds:

Ok then I think I get it now. :D